Live From Rockcon 2017 – Episode 5

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In The Emperor Lies segment, we record live from Rockcon 2017! It is one of our favorite gaming conventions…listen in and find out why! A few of the folks who attended Rockcon 2017 also stop by to give us their thoughts on this very unique event.

Joining us in Episode 5 with be Chia, another member of D-Company Milwaukee and a relative newcomer to 40K. She will share some thoughts for those who might be interested in starting 40K/Age of Sigmar armies, as well as talking a bit about what she has been up to on the workbench. We talk AdMech, Shadespire and take a look at some recent listens/reads in The Scriptorium. And let’s not forget This or That! Be sure to check our website,, for the Calendar and picture Gallery. If you have any events you would like us to post or pictures to share, please email us using the contact page.

Again, thank you for spending time with us…enjoy the show!

00:00 Show Open
01:40 On The Bench
17:49 Whispers From The Warp
49:25 The Emperor Lies
1:34:22 The Scriptorium (Eisenhorn Audio Series, I Am Slaughter, Black Legion, e.g.)
1:14:40 This or That
2:02:10Show Close

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