About Us

We are a commercial-free Warhammer (Heresy, 40K, Sigmar) podcast that provides useful information, opinion and perspective on all aspects of the Warhammer hobby.  Our discussions may very well elicit reaction...we welcome that!  We will also provide perspective on the Lore that is the foundation of the Warhammer Universe.

We will share our hobby progress, but also provide ideas for improving your hobby experience.  We will talk about games played, but also about our thoughts and opinions on the rule sets that provide a framework.  We hope our discussions on the Lore of Warhammer will cause you to rethink your own perspective, or maybe even motivate you to delve into the backstory, especially if it has not been something you have tried before.

Most importantly, we hope you will comment, email and provide photos of your own work.  Our website has an active picture gallery, where we will share some of your work with the rest of the community.  Take a look and see if your pictures have been added to the site.

Welcome to The Cube!