Necromunda, Adepticon and Theo Brings Home The Bacon – Episode 6

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Our cohost Theo wins big at our local Armies On Parade event! His Templars/Cult diorama certainly got the attention of the participants and judges. We also spend plenty of time talking Tyranid codex, Necormunda and Adepticon registration and sign ups. In The Scriptorium, a new Guy Haley novel, a new Gaunt’s Ghost book and plenty of Necromunda reading materials on the way! And let’s not forget This or That!

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Again, thank you for spending time with us…enjoy the show!

00:00 Show Open
01:15 On The Bench (Theo’s Big Win!)
23:50 Whispers From The Warp (New Tyranid Codex)
39:55 The Emperor Lies (Necromunda, Adepticon)
1:07:18 The Scriptorium (New Abnett, Haley, White Scars, Necromunda e.g.)
1:21:26 This or That
1:32:38 Show Close

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