Dan has been active in the hobby since 2001.  He has played Imperials and Xenos, but with the return of Magnus and the Thousand Sons, he has gone over to the dark side!  Dan KNOWS that the Emperor and Lion El Johnson are gits!  Dan is a member of D-Company Milwaukee, and enjoys, in the following order, the major aspects of Warhammer...The Lore, The Hobby, and finally the Tabletop.  He hopes you enjoy the podcast!  


Theo is a short man with a very high pitched voice.  Despite this, he is an excellent co-host and his participation in this project is very much appreciated!  Theo plays several 40K as well as Age of Sigmar armies; most recently Black Templars, Genestealer Cults and Warriors of Chaos.  Theo is also active in role-playing games.  He has been involved in miniatures and gaming since a very young age, and has actively worked for such classic venues as GenCon.