Guy Haley Interview – Episode 3

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We are very excited to have Black Library author Guy Haley join us for this episode! He talks about his work as an author, his interests in the lore, and several other topics. It is great that he was able to spend the time with us, so be sure to take a listen.

Also on the show, we discuss games played (against each other…Theo, your Dark Eldar suck!), Datacard goodness, the general state of 8th Edition, and of course, our This or That segment. Be sure to check our website,, for the Calendar and picture Gallery. If you have any events you would like us to post or pictures to share, please email us using the contact page.

Again, thank you for spending time with us…enjoy the show!

00:00 Show Open
01:43 On The Bench
18:44 Whispers From The Warp
35:40 The Scriptorium (GUY HALEY INTERVIEW)
1:17:36 The Emperor Lies
1:27:58 This Or That
1:37:103 Show Close

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